Acoustic Consultancy

We can offer expert analysis and advice to Architects, Builders, Consultant Engineers and more on all spects of noise control, prediction and insulation such as:

  • Building services, noise and vibration control – Estimate of likely noise levels at noise sensitive properties
  • Problem solving for potentially noisy plant
  • Sound insulation – Materials and construction specification necessary to achieve appropriate façade and partition performance for schools, hotels houses etc.
  • Room acoustics – control of excess reverberation and unwanted acoustic effects in auditoria,classrooms, and function rooms
Inclinometer – Noise Monitoring

We have recently expanded our monitoring portfolio to include inclinometers, applications include:

  • Monitoring slopes and landslides to detect areas of movement and establish rate of movement, and help design remedial measures
  • Monitoring secant walls, diaphragm walls and sheet piles to check deflections are within designlimits, that all struts and anchors are performing as expected
  • Monitoring the effects of any general excavation or tunnelling operations to ensure that adjacent buildings and structures are not affected by ground movements or subsidence.

For a full assessment of your needs Tel 045 898198 or Email stephen@safety.ie