The MSA SavOx is a oxygen self-rescuer providing a simple robust respiratory device ideal for all escape applications where toxic gases, particles or oxygen deficiency must be expected suddenly.

MSA-RebreatherThe MSA SavOx is always ready for use in an emergency situation without requiring costly maintenance. With its small size and low weight the SavOx can be carried along constantly on the person ensuring the escape set is always within hands reach.

Design and Function
Donning and starting up for use are very easy and done within seconds. MSA SavOx supplies sufficient oxygen to the user for at least 30 minutes duration.

The principle of generating oxygen from the chemical potassium superoxide (KO2) provides an oxygen supply controlled by the user’s consumption.

The oxygen supply always adjusts itself to the demand. The possible service time of the apparatus is controlled by the breathing intensity of the user. An automatic starter supplies additional oxygen for the initial breathing phase.