Our Shorcontrol Safety rescue team has the ability to respond to a confined space or working at height emergency in a timely manner and possesses the knowledge,skills and experience necessary to rescue personnel. As a stand-by rescue team is required to respond and reach any victim within a time appropriate to the workplace hazard, we make sure to be ready (while on-site) to make immediate entry if workers are in a life-threatening atmosphere.

Our team come equipped with all the appropriate rescue equipment as required for the task. Futher equipment is available to hire from Shorcontrol Safety

We can prepare all necessary documentation prior to the Confined Space Entry such as Method Statements, Risk Assessments, SSWPs, Permits

Typically on site we;

  • Oversee the monitoring of the atmosphere of the space, or spaces, being entered.
  • Provide first ad response level of care, including CPR, for employees at any location at the facility.
  • Act as a designated supervisor for rescue.
  • Provide safety oversight.
  • Act as a rescue team

    “Whenever work in a confined space is carried out, arrangements that are suitable and sufficient for the rescue of persons in the event of an emergency therein must be in place.”
    – HSA Code of Practice for Working in Confined Spaces 2017

    Code of practice for working in confined spaces

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