A flexible sewer camera system to view, video record and pinpoint underground obstacles, damaged underground utility/service pipes, septic tanks, boiler tubes, in fact most places where the eye cannot see.

gatorcamDesigned for use with pipe diameters of 50mm to 300mm and an operating cable length of 60 metres. The GatorCam head can be submerged in water up to 30 metres. The sonde has a 5 metre depth range. The Gator locator is a high-tech instrument used in conjunction with the GatorCam to detect where the camera pipe is and at what depth. It will detect cast iron pipes to a depth of 3m and plastic and clay pipes to a depth of 6m

At the heart of each system is the advanced GatorCam Controller, which displays video footage in digital quality full color VGA on an ultra-bright 8” (200mm) industrial TFT screen. Digital technology means accessing the advanced features of the controller is simplicity itself, putting you in complete control via an intuitive user interface and tough keypad, operable even when using gloves.

key features 

  • High quality digital video with digital pan and zoom
  • One-touch recording to durable Compact Flash cards up to 8Gb
  • Quick transfer of video and still pictures via USB and Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Inspection reports produced on-site with integrated easy-report writer
  • Weatherproof, robust and truly portable