Shorcontrol Safety provides basic equipment to assist in confined space entry and egress. The presence of a hazardous atmosphere is a major threat to workers in confined spaces. Precautions are required to protect workers from flammable or toxic atmospheric hazards and oxygen depletion/enrichment conditions.

ShorhoistIn an effort to make your next confined space entry a safe one, we’ve bundled the major categories of equipment into a single product solution. We have put together the best fall protection, gas detection and ventilation equipment that fit your needs and your budget. This bundle includes ;

  • Tripod
  • Elsa2000
  • Shorhoist
  • Gas Detector
  • Safety Harness
  • Rescue Harness
  • Wolf Torch

Since every confined space is different, you should make the final determination as to what equipment is necessary.  Circumstances may require an emergency escape breathing apparatus and/or communication equipment as well.  Whatever you need, we can help.