They can be used on Chimney fires or when access is difficult for bush fires. 

backpackThe flexible back pack fire extinguisher is a proven and effective device used by many fire brigades. They are commonly deployed for chimney fires as well as bush and scrub fire fighting situations and have become a standard piece of kit in the fire fighters armoury. Worn as a backpack it holds 20litres of water and is easy to carry into difficult access areas while providing the fire fighter with hands free to target the fire.

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Adapter enables Backpack to be used for Chimney Fires

Reducing mess, minimising the potential for water damage and improving access, are the important features of the new adaptor fitted to the flexible back pack fire extinguishers supplied by Shorcontrol Safety and

The adapter, which enables the extinguishers to be used for chimney fires, simply screws onto the normal nozzle end of the pump action sprayer via a hose. This is then screwed onto a fire resistant cane rod which is used to propel the water sprayer up into the chimney.

This new backpack provides a viable alternative to stirrup pumps and the traditional hose reel adapter currently in use. The chimney fire nozzle and hose can be deployed in the normal way with the back pack and hand pump to feed them, helping to reduce mess and the potential for water damage. Furthermore, as chimney fires generally occur in winter, it allows for easier access to rural dwellings where weather conditions may impede hose reel access.