The G-Tripod™ is a quality tripod that is both durable and versatile. It is designed for use within confined spaces and down-hole applications. The G-Tripod™ is setup over a horizontal aperture and can be used alongside our G-Saver II™, G-Winch™ and G-Stop™ fall arrest products to provide a secure and stable anchorage. When used with the G-Saver II™ or G-Stop™, the G-Tripod™ protects personnel descending into or leaving a confined space and when used with the G-Winch™ it can be used to either lower or raise personnel.

The G-Tripod™ has been designed to provide a secure and stable anchorage and features two anchorage points which allows for the use of a secondary backup fall arrester or other type of lifting / safety equipment should the primary device fail in some way. Accessories are available separately which facilitate this.

The G-Tripod™ has been manufactured using tubular aluminium for lightness and long term durability. The legs are telescopic and can be adjusted to allow safe use on uneven surfaces. The legs secure easily to aid transport and storage of the tripod. Rubber cup feet ensure stability of the G-Tripod™ in a wide variety of working environments.

The G-Tripod™ can also be supplied with brackets to suit the following equipment:

  • The G-Saver II™ or G-Stop™
  • The G-Winch™


  • 136 KG Maximum Working Load
  • Tubular Aluminum Construction
  • Telescopic Adjustable Legs with Rubber Cups
  • Allows 2 Devices to be Mounted
  • Suitable for use with G-Saver II™, G-Winch™ or G-Stop™
  • CE Certification
  • Conforms to EN795

e G-Saver I™I is a retractable fall arrest device which features a combined rescue winch to raise or lower the user to safety, should a fall occur.

The G-Saver II™ should be used in fall arrest mode with the winch mechanism disengaged in order to protect the user from a fall. Should a fall occur, the steel cable is pulled out at an accelerating rate and when a speed of 1.5 m/sec is reached the braking system activates, arresting and cushioning the fall. Once the fall has been arrested, the winch mechanism can be engaged and the user can either be raised or lowered to safety. The G-Saver II™ eliminates the need for additional equipment to retrieve the users and prevents them from being suspended for a long period of time awaiting rescue by other means.

With the suspended load removed and the winch mechanism disengaged the cable automatically retracts in the unit, regaining its fall arrest function.

g-saverThe G-Saver II™ can be mounted vertically above the user or horizontally, in conjunction with a suitable anchorage point. It can also be used in conjunction with our G-Tripod™.

Our load and fall arresters are supplied in the colours pictured. We also have the option of powder coating in any colour, to suit your brand colours or just to make the unit more inconspicuous. Please email us for a quote.

Please also see our G-Saver II™ 20-34m version, and our G-Stop™ fall arrester.


  • 136 KG Maximum Working Load (MWL)
  • Stopping Distance of min 0.6m to max 1.0m
  • 7 -14 Metres Cable Length
  • Winch Mechanism for Retrieval of User
  • CE Certification
  • Conforms to EN360 & EN1496
  • Made and designed in U.K.