Built from structural aluminum and steel, a davit arm is a crane-like fall protection suspension system used to safely lower and raise workers and/or equipment from heights or in confined spaces, as well as serving as a critical tool for confined space rescue.

For work areas that require regular setup and removal, but where a permanently fixed base and conventional access is not viable, adjustable base systems are an ideal solution, consisting of an adjustable base, mast and davit arm.

These versatile, lightweight, reliable and easy to install systems facilitate access to vertical confined spaces where various cement or steel walls are available to use as an anchor point. The universal mast and davit arm allow for fall protection and retrieval and can be used and installed in many different adjustable bases.

Instruction for use of Xtirpa Davit system(PDF)

Xtirpa Instruction and Safety Manual Sheet Pile Base(PDF)




Davit Arm configurator