SmartWirelessDetcon Model CXT are SmartWireless® gas detection sensors designed for use in mobile applications in heavy industrial environments. These low power sensors assemblies utilize one of two technologies and cover a wide range of industrial applications; electrochemical for a long list of toxic gases, infrared for combustible hydrocarbons.

All component parts are rated for Class 1; Division 1, Group C, D hazardous areas. These advanced field devices consist of a Detcon Model Series CXT low power gas detection sensor, and wireless transceiver packaged in a single enclosure. Power is provided by a disposable “C” cell battery pack capable of continuous operation for greater than 60 days. Additional power options include a Smart Rechargeble battery with a run time of 5-6 months, a disposable “D” cell battery pack with a run time of 9 months and solar panel providing continuous operation.


  • Detcon Model RXT-300 self healing mesh network topology
  • Universally accepted 2.4 GHz non-licensed frequency
  • Detcon Model 100 low power gas detection sensors
  • LED display for gas sensor/field device HMI
  • Smart rechargeable battery packs with integral safety circuitry
  • Built-in charge gauge and low voltage cutoff