Industry leading VOC detection from International Gas Detectors.

Offering the broadest application VOC detection using breakthrough PID technology. Capable of measuring over 300 compounds with ionisation energy of 10.6eV or lower. Available for ATEX applications and safe areas either as stand alone detectors or as part of a networked system. Detectors can be diffusion based or as sampling gas detectors to suit the application.


  • Range options to suit your application
  • 0-50ppm , 0-200ppm, 0-5,000ppm, 0-100ppm, 0-2,000ppm

Non-Electrode UV Lamp Design

  • IGD PID’s proprietary ultraviolet (UV) lamp technology utilises non-electrode UV lamp design. This curtails the effects of sputtering and contamination which is a major drawback of current PID technology.

Industry Leading Long Lamp Life

  • Our new standard for PID technology raises the bar for VOC detection. With our non-electrode UV patent design ensures your IGD PID sensor will last in excess of 15,000+ hours. This is a 50% increase in lamp life compared to the industry standard!

Unique Patent Electrode Stack Design

  • Our unique electrode stack design ensures the common issues of humidity and temperature are negated and does not affect our VOC detectors. This also eliminates false readings and drift.

IGD new range of PID Detectors are setting a new standard for VOC detection. Detectably better PID from the experts in gas detection.


TOCSIN 750 SERIES SAFE AREA – Addressable PID VOC Detector for Non-ATEX Areas

IGD’s TOC-750 safe area gas detectors have been designed for light industrial and commercial environments. Providing clients with a detector suited for their application.

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