The Shorcontrol Airtrailers are 4 wheeled trailers holding 7 large capacity high pressure cylinders connected to an integral control panel supplying 4 sets of airline breathing apparatus. The 7 cylinder trailer holds approximately 50 man hours supply.

trailerThe control panel is divided into 2 separate but inter-connected sections. The working supply section is supplied with air by all but one of the cylinders on the trailer. This spare cylinder is used to supply the emergency section of the panel. The working section of the panel utilises two parallel pressure reducing valves of a ‘fail safe’ design and has two gauges, one for cylinder contents and one for line pressure. There are two pneumatic warning whistles to warn of low cylinder contents and low outlet pressure.

The control panel and all the pneumatics are contained within a lockable storage box at the front of the Airtrailer. Airtrailers are road legal and being fully braked can easily be transported between sites.

The Trailer is supplied with up to 90m of airline, which will supply air to the Bandolier Set worn by the entrant, eliminating the need to carry a back mounted cylinder providing optimum user comfort.

Breathing air should be tested for quality and flow at regular intervals and where a mobile compressor is used as the air source, tests should also be carried out every time the compressor is moved. It is also recognised good working practice that a breathing air supply should have a large reserve supply in case of failure of the primary supply.

Using the Airtrailer complies with these requirements in that it is a large supply of assured quality breathing air to BS 4275, and has a large emergency reserve supply readily available.

The trailer can be delivered & demonstrated anywhere in the country.