davitt1Portable and permanent Davit Arm/Base assemblies are a versatile alternative to a tripod designed for manhole and confined space entry/retrieval applications. Units are constructed from lightweight materials including high-strength aluminum. Davit pivots for ease of rescue and has a limited adjustment for overhead clearance. Lower bases adjust to fit most standard entries. Other permanent and portable bases are available. Contact Shorcontrol Safety for information regarding the full line of Davit arms, bases and accessories.

5-Piece Hoist System comes equipped with 111/2 -in to 271/2 -in (29.2 cm to 69.9 cm) or 231/2 -in to 421/2 -in (59.7 cm to 108 cm) adjustable offset mast, 30-in lightweight lower mast and 3-piece lightweight base.

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Davit Arm (8516693)

davitt2Davit Arm for UCL Advanced Series Portable Fall Arrest System (PFAS)


  • Designed for use with Advanced Series Portable Fall Arrest Post
  • Powder-coat finish for durability
  • Davit arm ideal for rescue with 360 degree swivel
  • Quick-attach design assembles easily to portable fall arrest post – no tools required
  • Lightweight aluminum construction for easy transportation and set-up
  • Has 3 optional pinning points that adjust the range of height and offset
  • Offers a maximum working height of 71″ and a maximum offset of 34″
  • Two pulley blocks for top and/or bottom winch mount to davit arm
  • Weight: 20.50 lbs (9.3 kg)

NOTE: The Rescue Davit Arm works in the 2nd and 4th
positions only.

1 Pc 12-29″ Adjustable Offset Mast (8518382)

davitt3UCL Advanced 1 Piece 12″ to 29″ Adjustable Offset Mast, Anchor Point Height 66″ to 76″


  • Designed for use where multiple offset masts are required
  • Compatible with UCL Safety Systems Advanced Lower Masts, Mast Extensions and bases
  • Variable Offset Masts may be equiped with front mounted and/or back mounted winches
  • The addition of the quick-release pin allows for easy collapsibility and transport
  • Weight: 13.0 lbs (5.9 kg)

Similar model:
8518383: 12″ – 29″ Adjustable Offset Mast, Anchor Point Height 78″ – 88″
8518384: 12″ – 29″ Adjustable Offset Mast, Anchor Point Height 90″ – 100″
8518385: 30″ – 48″ Adjustable Offset Mast, Anchor Point Height 69.5″ – 87.5″
8518386: 30″ – 48″ Adjustable Offset Mast, Anchor Point Height 81.5″ – 99.5″
8518387: 30″ – 48″ Adjustable Offset Mast, Anchor Point Height 93.5″ – 111.5″

Advanced 3 Pc Expandable Base Assembly (8518005)

davitt4Advanced Series Base Assembly for UCL Advanced Breakdown Base, Max 30″ Offset


  • Constructed of powder coated aluminum
  • Maximum 30″ offset
  • Has adjustable aluminum screws
  • Built-in level indicator for easy set-up on uneven surfaces
  • Disassembles & collapses into 3 lightweight components for transport & storage
  • No tools required for easy addition to davit system

Similar model
8518008: Max 48″ Offset

Adjustable Barrel Mount Sleeve (8512285)

davitt5Adjustable Barrel Mount Sleeve with 24″ Max. Opening (Anodized Aluminum)


  • Lightweight mounting sleeve for portability
  • Designed for shoring, wall and parapet applications where frequent set-ups have varying wall thicknesses
  • Adjustable sleeve accommodates wall thicknesses up to 24″
  • Easy set-up
  • 450 lb capacity
  • Provides 360 degree mast rotation
  • Designed for use with Advanced Series davit system
  • Anodized, welded aluminum construction with zinc-plated steel hardware
  • Weight: 56.0 lbs

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