gasurveyor 500 largeThe GMI Gasurveyor 500 Series is the most flexible range of gas detectors available today. By simple selection of hardware and software options, the instrument can be readily configured to suit your exact application.

Offering highly accurate and reliable instrumentation in an extremely robust, anti-static case, the Gasurveyor 500 Series measures gases common in many applications.

Any combination of flammable gas from parts per million (ppm) through Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) to percent volume, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide can be selected to ensure that your exact requirements are met.

All of the Gasurveyor 500 Series are dual mode instruments, making them suitable for both surveying work and confined space.

Features include

Instrument/Gas Combinations:
Gasurveyor 511  LEL & Vol
Gasurveyor 512  ppm, LEL & Vol
Gasurveyor 521  LEL & Vol, O2
Gasurveyor 522  ppm, LEL & Vol, O2
Gasurveyor 523  LEL & Vol, H2S
Gasurveyor 524  ppm, LEL & Vol, H2S
Gasurveyor 525  LEL & Vol, CO
Gasurveyor 526  ppm, LEL & Vol, CO
Gasurveyor 531  LEL & Vol, O2, H2S
Gasurveyor 532  ppm, LEL & Vol, O2, H2S
Gasurveyor 533  LEL & Vol, O2, CO
Gasurveyor 534  ppm, LEL & Vol, O2, CO
Gasurveyor 536  ppm, LEL & Vol, H2S, CO
Gasurveyor 541  LEL & Vol, O2, H2S, CO
Gasurveyor 542  ppm, LEL & Vol, O2, H2S, CO


  • Confined Space Monitoring
  • Permit to work systems
  • Pressurised tunnelling
  • Petroleum installations
  • Fleet auxiliary
  • CO monitoring
  • Toxic gas detection