blocforThe Blocfor™ range ensures an automatic braking function in the event of a fall; the fall height is restricted by the immediate brake reaction.

The cable length is adjusted automatically thanks to a recall system integrated into the device, which offers the user a great deal of freedom of movement.

The Blocfor™ also operates horizontally with a webbing lanyard – code 035032 – placed between the cable and the harness. The Blocfor™ range complies with the EN360 Standard.

Shorcontrol Safety provide several types of Blocfor Fall Arrest Equipment. They include;

  • Blocfor™ 1.5W
  • Blocfor™ 2W
  • Blocfor™ 10 Galvanised
  • Blocfor™ 20 Galvanised
  • Blocfor™ 20 R
  • Blocfor™ S

For further information on any of these items please contact 045 898198