GD01 UltrasonicThe Simtronics GDU Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector listens to the ultrasound generated from escaping gas in all directions. A release does not need to cross an optical path nor does it need to physically reach the unit for detection. The Simtronics GDU gas leak detector does not detect specific values of LEL or ppm; rather it listens for changes in background sound level.

Pressurised Leaks
Detection requires a driving pressure of at least 2 bar, hence detection of gas accumulations or vapours is not possible. In basic terms the detected sound is proportional to the leak rate (mass flow rate).

Background Noise Rejection
Background noise is ignored by a threshold set in the control room and employing time delays. The Simtronics GDU gas leak detector is delivered factory calibrated and needs no field adjustment or re-calibration.

Performance Target Verification
Unlike other gas detection methods the performance of the GDU gas leak detector can be demonstrated at commissioning to comply with the site safety case. This is achieved using a pressure regulated inert test gas to simulate the required performance target.