C-Scope 33kHz Sonde Signal Transmitter

image005The C-Scope Sonde is a well known industry standard waterproof transmitter. Powered by 1 x AA battery this handy unit is compatible with all types of 33kHz cable locators, has a 5m range and can be attached to either drain rods or a flexi-rod for tracing conduits or drains. A spring coupling adapter can be used with a drain rod for greater manoeuvrability.

The C.Scope Signal Clamp is a safe and straight forward way to apply the Generator signal to a cable or small pipe to enable precision tracing of this service.

Where it is not possible or unsafe to make a direct connection to the core of a target cable, (such as live power or telecom cables) the signal clamp may be clipped around the outer sheath.

image006It is connected to the Transmitter and then clipped around the service. Supply through the service is not interrupted by the applied signal.

For use with the C.Scope SGA and MXL signal generators.