For confined spaces that require a powerhouse air ventilator, the VAF-3000 can handle your most demanding industrial needs. No matter what your industry or application-construction, demolition, utility, paper mill, shipyard, power station, tank purging, or manufacturing-the VAF-3000 is designed to take on the most demanding industrial needs.

blowerWith a forceful 1 H.P. motor, the VAF-3000 can deliver both positive and negative air flow at an incredible maximum capacity of 2,091CFM in the most difficult work environments.


  • CFM rating of 2,091 (59.2 m3)
  • Weighs only 32.5 pounds (14.74 Kg)
  • Stackable to save storage or work area space
  • Powerful 1 Hp electric motor (.75 Kw)
  • Capability to connect up to 125 feet (38 m) of straight duct
  • Ideal for confined spaces that require greater airflow


VAF-3000                      A                            B
Voltage                    115V AC                230V AC
Frequency                 60 Hz                     50 Hz
Phase                       Single                   Single
Electric Motor            1 Hp                1 Hp (.75 Kw)
Current(amps)          7.1                          4.2
R.P.M.                        3425                      2850
Max S.P.                       3″                   2.5″ (68mm/Aq)