Shorcontrol Safety is open for business and we have put a number of measures in place to deal with the COVID-19

Our aim is to provide critical safety and compliance training in the safest environment possible for all delegates, tutors and members staff.

Shorcontrol Safety is continuously monitoring the COVID-19 situation and is implementing measures aimed at ensuring the safety of employees, clients and partners who visit our location.

It is now mandatory for all course participants, tutors and interpreters to wear face coverings on all SOLAS Safe Pass Courses and CSCS courses. Protect yourself & others by wearing a face covering while visiting Shorcontrol Safety. Masks can be purchased at Shorcontrol Safety on the day should you not have one.

We are also recommending that delegates wear face coverings on all training course both at Shorcontrol Safety and any training course held at your own site.

Facilities and Equipment

The following are control measures we currently have put into place:

  • Additional handwashing and hand sanitation stations have been added to entry points and areas throughout the building
  • Additional COVID-19 advice signage has been added to common spaces throughout the building
  • Hand washing advice has been added to welfare facilities
  • An adequate provision of antibacterial handwash and soap is available in all welfare facilities
  • An increase in contracted cleaning services with specific instruction to disinfect all frequently touched surfaces
  • Members of staff are disinfecting common contact points throughout the day
  • Training equipment is to be cleaned and sanitised; prior to it being used, after a delegate uses it, before a different delegate uses the same equipment, and before being stored away

Visitors, Delegates and Tutors

  • All visitors, delegates and tutors are screened for being potential carries of the COVID-19 virus each day prior to being allowed to enter or remain on the premises
  • Communicate implemented measures to all building attendants
  • Inform delegates of good hygiene practices which should be followed while visiting Shorcontrol Safety
  • Delegate breaks are staggered in order to reduce the number of people in common areas at one time
  • Courses are designed so all delegates are spaced at least 2 meters from one another
  • All delegates and trainers must wear face coverings
  • Promotion of a reduction in physical contact such as handshaking

Shorcontrol Safety Staff

  • Employees are forbidden from reporting to work if:
        • They have symptoms of the virus
        • A member of their household has a suspected case of the virus
        • They have had prolonged exposure to someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19
        • Staff returning from leave will be contacted prior to their return to work to check if they have visited any high-risk areas.  Anyone who has visited a high-risk area will be advised to self-isolate
      • Staff members will be segregated from one another by department while performing their duties at Shorcontrol Safety’s office
      • All staff members wear face coverings when away from their desks
      • Staff meetings are reduced and conducted remotely when possible
      • All travel has been restricted except for trips deemed business critical
      • Employee sick leave has been adjusted to ensure that it is flexible and consistent with public health guidance 
      • Employees are informed that some people may be at higher risk for severe illness, such as older adults and those with compromised immune systems 
      • Managers are informed to prepare for possible increased numbers of employee absences due to staff or their family member illness
      • Cross-train team members (if relevant) to perform essential duties so that the business can operate if key staff members are absent

We will continue to follow the World Health Organisation and Republic of Ireland’s Government guidelines relating to COVID-19.

Given the changing nature of the situation, our control measures and policies surrounding COVID-19 may change and be updated on a daily basis.  These changes will be communicated where applicable.