Occupational & Environmental Dust Monitoring

Many workers in the timber, food, grain and other industries face exposure to hazardous amounts of dustand other harmful aerosols in the course of their work.The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Chemical Agents) Regulations 2001 risk assessment often equires physical sampling of the airborne agent in order to ensure that levels conform with the current rish OELV’s (Occupational Exposure Limit Values).
Shorcontrol offer a professional service with the following benefits:
  • Modern personal sampling units, can test for total and inhalable aerosols
  • Recommendations for dust reduction methods and techniques
  • Help prevent incidents of workplace respiratory illness
  • Techniques available to test for a wide variety of toxic chemicals
  • External dust monitoring for construction sites, recycling plants etc.
  • Internal dust and vapour monitoring for occupational safety reasons
  • Particularly suitable for the timber, food processing, construction and quarrying industries

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