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Noise Monitoring & Consultancy

Now Hear This – Have you got a noise problem?
The introduction of new legislation in 2006 lowers the allowable levels of workplace noise, and puts the onus on the employer to quantify and reduce workplace noise levels.

If you regularly use power tools or machinery, or have difficulty holding a conversation due to background noise levels at work, you MUST conduct a noise survey.

Shorcontrol offer the following surveys to meet your needs.

Occupational Noise Monitoring 
Shorcontrol offers a comprehensive occupational noise exposure survey service, which is a statutory requirement for any workplaces where noise levels regularly exceed 80dB. (S.I no 371 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Control of Noise at Work) Regulations 2006).

The survey and accompanying report include:

  • Investigation of extent and nature of noise problem
  • Personal noise exposure levels of all at risk employees
  • Suggestions and recommendations for reduction of noise
  • Outlining duties of employer and employee
  • Evaluation on effectiveness of any hearing protection used

Environmental Noise Monitoring 
Environmental noise has the ability to greatly affect our quality of life, and high levels can be very contentious at private dwellings or other noise-sensitive areas. Shorcontrol can perform environmental noise assessments to applicable standards for a range of issues including:

  • Pre-empting noise of noise complaints by the public
  • Monitoring effects of new plant, operations etc.
  • Evaluation of Legitimacy of Noise Complaints by members of public
  • Planning Applications for new housing developments
  • IPCL (Integrated Pollution Control License) Renewal for Industry
  • EIS (Environmental Impact Assessment) for Industry

Hand/Arm and Whole Body Vibration
Are you concerned about the health risks and new legislation surrounding Hand/Arm and whole body vibration?

Shorcontrol offer a comprehensive range of vibration monitoring services, including;

  • Hand/Arm vibration monitoring
  • Whole body vibration monitoring for vehicles
  • Seismic monitoring equipment hire for blasting, piling etc

Health Surveillance
One of the stipulations of the new noise regs is the mandatory introduction of audiometry (hearing checks) for employees at or above the Upper  Exposure Action Value (85dB).

Shorcontrol offer a professional service with the following benefits:

  • Can be carried out onsite in our mobile testing unit
  • Professional and Qualified Personnel
  • Complete ear examination provided
  • Copy of results to company doctor

For a full assessment of your needs Tel 045 898198 or Email stephen@safety.ie