PatchBox is the market leading localized pipe and drain repair kit developed as a convenient and money saving solution for repairing pipes, drains and sewers. The pipe and drain repair kit contains all the materials for a single drain or pipe repair, making PatchBox a cost effective alternative to buying pipe repair materials in bulk.

 The resin contained in the PatchBox pipe and drain repair kit is non-shrink, solvent free and low odor.
  • Cost effective pipe & drain repair
  • Convenient & Easy to use
  • Permanent & watertight pipe repair
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Can cope with pipe diameter transition
  • Tested to WRc standard
  • Available for pipe, drain & sewer diameters from 100mm to 1200mm

PatchBox has launched a new compact kit for 100mm & 150mm repair kits the new compact is 60% smaller(volume) than the original kit which means;

  • Less storage space required 
  • Better for the environment-less waste
  • Price maintained- no price increase since 2000
  • The same high quality repairs