Robust 110 volt floodlights for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas. Ideally suited to temporary lighting applications. The Q150 floodlight uses a 150w PAR38 reflector lamp and comes with 20 metres of cable.


The type ‘Q150’ flameproof service lamp has been designed to conform to the requirements of BSS 229, 1957 and BSS 889, March 1965. It has been approved in accordance with the terms of the department of energy testing memorandum no4, for use in division 1 (zone 1) areas where flammable gases and vapours in groups i and iiia of table 1 of BSS 229 are present. The enclosure is classified in temperature range ‘x’ of appendix ‘e’ BSS 889 (maximum temperature rise 125 oC) and is therefore unsuitable for use in cellulose atmospheres.

Technical Details

Lamp length – 305mm

Lamp diameter – 288.6mm

Lamp Weight – 7.26 kg (excluding cable)

Bulb Type – es, 24v, 110v, 240/250v, reflector par 38 sealbeam. Spot – flood. Quartz halogen 12v 55w and 24v 70w available with conversion kit 

Cable Type – 3-core screened, 2mm2 laid up with 32 kg strain cord tinned copper braided, pvc sheathed overall to approved standard. hp 155

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