The TRK is designed to enable the rescue of a casualty from towers or other high structures. The manual descender mechanism allows complete control of descent speed and when necessary allows the rescuer to access the casualty and then descend together. The kit is supplied complete with shoulder bag, all necessary strops and a knife. A 40m version is available for towers and pylons and a 15m version for pallet trucks and smaller structures. Other lengths are available.

It is specifically designed to lower or raise a subject from a lanyard or fall arrest block. The wide casualty attachment hook can be fastened to various points on the casualty for simplicity and east of operations.

The whole system is failsafe in operations & will lock if operated in panic. Using the lowering device, allows rope to be given out when not under load, but will lock if subjected to a sudden impact or fall. When the handle is released, the device will lock, allowing the rescuer to attend to other issues.