PHECC CFR Instructor

PHECC CFR Instructor

Safety Training

PHECC CFR Instructor

Course Date(s) 24th November 2022

Candidate must have a valid CFR/FAR/EFR cert or have proof of being a Registered PHECC Practitioner prior to attending the course.

Following the 2 day course learners must then get verifible experience in delivery of 3 CPR 1/2 day courses- day 1 as shadow, day 2 partical delivery & day 3 delivery under a certified CFR instructor. (Shorcontrol Safety can help facilitate this seperately if required) Learners can not be certified without this evidence.

Candidates must be over 18 years old

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To provide the trainer with the knowledge and skills to design, develop methods to train and assess learners as Cardio First Responders to the standard developed by PHECC

Course Content:

Course Objectives

Demonstrate knowledge and skills of the CFR cours

Demonstrate knowledge of the CFR CPG’s                                          

 Demonstrate high standard presentation skills                                 

 Demonstrate class organisation and control                                      

Demonstrate the CFR course administration process                      

Demonstrate the correct use of equipment and maintenance of name    

Demonstrate motivation and rapport with delegates                      

Demonstrate the CFR assessment and evaluation process             

Demonstrate good interpersonal skills                                 

Demonstrate good time management and safe working manner 




Intro      Introduction to the CFR course                                                            

1             Understanding Adult Training, Culture and Phycology                    

2             Principles and learning styles of adults                                                

3             Class organisation and learner progress                                              

4             Motivation of leaners, Communication and building rapport              

5             CFR Course, Knowledge, Skills and CPG’s                                            

6             Course Preparation                                                                                    

7             Inspired Presenting, Class Presentations                                             

8             Beginning the CFR course/Visual Media 

9             CFR Course Administration                                                                      

10           CFR Course Assessment process                                                            

11           CFR Course Equipment                                                               

12           Course Assessment                                                                                    

13           Monitoring process                                                                                   

14           Course summary and evaluation                                                                                                                                                                                   


Course Duration

2 days

Number of Delegates



Successful learners will get a PHECC certificate upon completion

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