E.R.T. – Emergency Response Team

E.R.T. – Emergency Response Team

Safety Training

E.R.T. – Emergency Response Team

Course Date(s)

Each module is a 1 day course

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This is a modular based Emergency Response Team that is designed to accommodate the site specific duties of ERT staff. The team will be educated and refreshed and then have their skill-set tested in number of drills set out by the tutors

Course Content:

Modules The emergency response team can be tasked to take part in any site emergency which may include;

    1. Control & Command
    2. Roles & responsibilities
    3. Risk Assessments
    4. Comms
    5. Fire- Basic & Advanced
    6. Chemical & Hazmat Spill Control
    7. Confined Space Rescue
    8. Rescue from Heights
    9. First Aid-CFR-FAR
    10. Search Procedures- Inside/Outside/Hot/Cold/Dark
    11. Water Rescue & flood rescue
    12. SCBA

      Modules are chosen to suit the site priorities and all can be taken as a stand alone programme or collectively.  

    Course Duration

    Each module is min 1 day

    Number of Delegates

    10 maximum per course


    On successful completion of each module, a Shorcontrol Safety Training Certificate will be issued to each delegate, which is valid for 3 years.

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