Lifting equipment Inspection refresher

Lifting equipment Inspection refresher

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Lifting equipment Inspection refresher

Course Date(s) 8th October 2018

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To teach the users the criteria for Lifting Equipment (Accessories) Inspection.

OBJECTIVE: On completion of the course, the delegates will know:

a) The methods of Inspection of Lifting Equipment
b) The rejection criteria for Lifting Equipment Inspection
c) The relationship between Proof Load and Safe Working Load
d) The requirements of Test Certificates and Registers

Course Content:

Course Content:

Inspection – To Thorough Examination 3 Days
1. AIM
To teach persons an overview of the examination process of in-service portable lifting equipment as required by Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 along with other relevant legislation.. The course also looks at the documentation required and the various inspection techniques and rejection criteria of portable lifting equipment including how to produce reports and certification of thorough examination as per Schedule 1, of the Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998.
The course content is quite substantial and covers the following areas:
2.1 Statutory Legislative Requirements: The Health & Safety at Work Law Powers of the Inspectorate

British and European Standards
The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (An overview) The Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (An overview) Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (An overview) HSE Guidance Notes
2.2 Portable Lifting Equipment Examination / Inspection (Theory & Practical)
Chain Slings / Master Links & Assemblies Wire Rope Slings
Swivel Hoist Rings Shackles
Lifting and Pulling Machines Man-Made Webbing Slings Beam Clamps
Manual Chain Blocks / Hoists Lever Hoists (Pull-lifts)
Jacks: Defamation, wear Rigging Screws
2.3 Systems
Tagging Colour Coding Reporting
Defective Equipment Quarantine
2.4 Methods of Testing
Proof Load Testing (Overview Only) Determining Safe Working Loads Factors of Safety
Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing (MPI/NDT) (Overview Only)

2.5 Reporting Procedures Defective equipment register Manufacturer’s criteria

Company procedures / protocols Purpose of Quarantine locker
2.6 Documentation / Certification & Report Writing Thorough Examination Reports and Conformity Certificates How to complete reports of Thorough Examination Manufactures instructions

On completion of the course the trainees will have an understanding of:
3.1 Their statutory duties under relevant legislation pertaining to lifting equipment
3.2 The methods of inspection and testing

3.3. The rejection criteria of portable lifting equipment listed within the syllabus
3.4 The relationship between the Proof Load and the Safe Working Load
3.5 The requirements of Test Certificates / Certificates of Conformity and Registers
3.6 The requirement for the keeping of records (LOLER Regulation 10)
3.7 The role of the Competent Person (Portable Lifting Equipment Inspection)
3.8 An understanding of Schedule 1, LOLER 98 and what is required within a Thorough Examination report

On completion of the course trainees will be able to:
4.1 Identify defective portable lifting equipment
4.2 An understanding of the rejection criteria of defective portable lifting equipment
4.3 Have an understanding of damaged equipment registers
4.4 Have an understanding of the certification that should be with lifting equipment
4.5 Their role and responsibilities as a competent person in accordance with legislation
4.6 Planned maintenance of portable lifting equipment in accordance with legislation (LOLER 98)
4.7 Produce reports and certification of Thorough Examination as per Schedule 1, LOLER 98

4.7 Completed both theory and practical assessments, and produce internal Thorough Examination Reports and Certs
This training course is designed for personnel who have already sat the 3 day course and are involved with the issue, purchasing and receiving back in of portable lifting equipment and involved in carrying out planned maintenance and inspection of in-use portable lifting equipment.

Course Duration

1 day

Number of Delegates



Delegates will receive a refresher Certificate from Lloyds British which is valid for 3 years

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