Manual Handling Training Course

Manual Handling Training Course

Safety Training

Manual Handling Training Course

Course Date(s) 1st December 2023 , 15th December 2023 , 8th December 2023 , 22nd December 2023

Half Day Course

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This manual handling course is intended for all personnel who are involved in the movement of loads. Topics covered include; anatomy of the spine and practical manual handling techniques.

Course Content:

  1. Introduction
  2. Aim and objectives.
  3. Employers and Employees obligations in relation to manual handling at work.
  4. Structure and function of the spine.
  5. Causes of back pain.
  6. How to avoid backache.
  7. Methods of lifting/putting down, carrying, loading, unloading, pushing, pulling and reaching.
  8. Practice for all methods included in No. 8.
  9. Dealing with different types of loads at work.
  10. Alternative methods of moving loads at work.
  11. Evaluation of training.

Course Duration

This course is for a duration of 4 hours.

Number of Delegates

10 maximum per course


On successful completion of this course Shorcontrol Safety will issue Certificates to each delegate, which are valid for 3 years.

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