Live Remote-BOHS M502 – Thermal Environment

Live Remote-BOHS M502 – Thermal Environment

Safety Training

Live Remote-BOHS M502 – Thermal Environment

Course Date(s) 20th May 2024 , 14th October 2024

20th to 24th May 2024
14th to 18th Oct 2024

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To provide the student with a sound understanding of the effects of the thermal environment on people and the means of assessing and controlling the risks associated with thermal stress.

Course Content:

  1. The Thermal Spectrum
  2. Principles
  3. Effects of temperature extremes
  4. Thermal comfort
  5. Evaluation of hot environments
  6. Control of hot environments
  7. Thermal surveys
  8. Evaluation of cold environments
  9. Control of cold environments
  10. Approaches to Risk Assessment

Course Duration

5 Days

Number of Delegates



British Occupational Hygiene Society Certificate

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