Working at Heights Instructors (Lantra Accredited)

Working at Heights Instructors (Lantra Accredited)

Safety Training

Working at Heights Instructors (Lantra Accredited)

Course Date(s) 24th January 2024 , 10th April 2024 , 26th June 2024 , 18th September 2024 , 12th December 2023 , 4th December 2024

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This Working at Height Instructor (ROI) programme is at Level 4 on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications and is to fulfil the knowledge and awareness training requirements of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work act 2005,  General Application Regulations 2007 + Amendments, Organisation of Working Time Act and other relevant legislation.

This programme is also designed to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety Authority (HSA), construction industry and other relevant bodies.


Upon completion of this course the learner should have the relevant skills and knowledge to train instructors to work at height in Ireland, it will also give the a learner relevant legislative updates to their existing qualification and be considered as 20 hours of continuous professional development. 

The learner should be able to understand the basic requirements of the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005 as it applies to employers and employees.

Course Content:

Learning Outcomes

 By the end of this programme the learner will:

  • Demonstrate the transfer of subject theory to learners. (Subject knowledge Check)
  • Demonstrate the transfer of practical demonstration of WAH Equipment, selecting and pre user inspection of equipment to learners. (Equipment knowledge check)
  • Demonstrate the process of teaching adults by given a presentation of a small section of the program to the class. (Motivation, Teaching techniques, Classroom layout)
  • Be familiar with the relevant legislation
  • Recognise the dangers of working at height
  • Select appropriate control measures
  • Correctly select equipment
  • Train operatives in pre-use inspections / use
  • Select & don / doff correct harness
  • Explain the rescue plan


Number of Candidates

Maximum of 10

Recommended Number: 6 – 14

Entry Requirements 

There is no restriction on entry to this programme, but it is up to the employer to determine the competency of the person and it is assumed that the candidate is experienced and is capable of working at supervisor level.

Profile of Learner

The Programme is aimed at instructors and potential instructors. A lot is covered in a short period of time on the programme and will require commitment and dedication from the participant. The programme involves a lot of interaction and requires participants to involve themselves in the practical exercises.

Learners with disabilities or special needs must inform us in advance of programme so that suitable arrangements can be made.


This programme will be by way of an Instructor lead presentation which may or may not be by zoom and includes interactive exercises and case studies.


Course Duration

The Programme is delivered over one day including theoretical, with an anticipated start time at 09:00 am and a conclusion at 4.30pm each day.  There will be a short 15 minute breaks in the morning and afternoon and a lunch break of 45 minutes.

Number of Delegates



This programme is approved by Lantra and a Certificate for Working at Height Instructor (ROI) will be awarded to all participants on the programme who successfully complete the theoretical & practical assessment assessments.

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