Chemical Handling/Chemical Spillage

Chemical Handling/Chemical Spillage

Safety Training

Chemical Handling/Chemical Spillage

Course Date(s)

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To enable candidates to identify and assess the hazards associated with working with chemicals on site and implement the correct exposure controls whilst working with chemicals. Chemical spill response is also covered.

Course Content:

  • Identification of chemicals categories in the workplace
  • Routes of entry of chemicals and risks to health posed by chemicals in the workplace
  • Material Safety Data Sheets with focus on sections relevant to worker chemical handling (Hazards
  • Identification, Handling and Storage, Exposure Controls, First Aid Measures, Accidental release measures)
  • Identification and understanding of chemical labels as presented in the CLP regulations.
  • Personal Protective Equipment required for different chemical hazards
  • Storage and segregation of different chemical categories
  • Measures to prevent chemical accidents/spillages
  • Chemical spill response theory and practical

Measures to implement prior to emergency services arriving

Delivery methodology
A classroom based programme with a small practical demonstration of a basic chemical spill using a spill kit

Course Duration

½ day

Number of Delegates

10 maximum per course


On successful completion of this course Shorcontrol Safety will issue certificates to each delegate , which are valid for 3 years

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